An Uncommon Field

My drive through south-central New York into Pennsylvania was another pretty drive, even on the interstate highway. I encountered occasional light to moderate rain making my way to the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville. I might’ve mistimed this visit because the National Park was pretty busy, I assume because it was yet another holiday weekend (dang holidays bring out the tourists, lol).

Man, even the drive from the US highway into the memorial site sets the tone for the visit. This is a well designed place of remembrance and honor. The park roadway winds past the Tower of Voices and continues a couple miles to the visitor center which overlooks the crash site. Nicely, introspectively and respectfully designed, the center provides good coverage of that horrendous day’s events while lending focus to Flight 93 and its heroes. This solemn place extracts feelings of sadness, gratitude, respect. It’s a fitting tribute to the men and women of Flight 93. Beautiful field spoiled by blood, recaptured to honor a tragic memory of an event that undoubtedly saved hundreds, maybe thousands of lives. I’m glad I went out of my way to experience this important slice of our history. “A common field one day. A field of honor forever.”

And so, that’s it for Pennsylvania. I had visited other key sites in the state earlier this year and recapped those visits here. I slacked in front of the TV watching football Saturday evening and all day Sunday, and plotting the last weekish of my summer journey. There’s still a couple/few places I really wanna visit so stay tuned! The trip ain’t quite over yet.

4 Replies to “An Uncommon Field”

  1. Mark you are very fortunate to have experience this great Country. What a trip! And as you say “it ain’t over yet”.!

  2. Mark this is great stuff. I think there are very few that have seen this country from the ground up as you are doing.
    Maybe if more did they would appreciate what we have. Thanks for sharing your posts!!!

    1. Thx Mike. Yeah, seeing civil war battle sites and memorial sites and meeting normal people along the way has a huge impact on oneself. Our vile media portrays a country where only the radicals get press. Most people are pretty normal. Well, maybe not on the left coast… Not my family & friends, of course… We’re all normal!

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