SportTrek TrailerJust a couple days until I take off on my first long trip. I’ve been hanging at the Vineyards Campground in my home town of Grapevine, dialing things in on the trailer & truck. (By the way, I gotta give the Vineyards a well-earned plug; it’s a great campground run by Randy Sell and his staff.)

My loosely formed plan is to head south & east where I’ll travel through the wetlands of east Texas and on to New Orleans to visit the National World War II Museum. From there I’m headed up to Jacksonville, Alabama to join Samaritan’s Purse in their tornado recovery project there. It’ll be their last week in Jacksonville so by the end of the week I’ll turn east toward Savanna and the Atlantic coast.

And that’s all I know so far. A week-ish of planning is more than I wanna take on. You can get a snapshot of where I’m at on the Log Book pages; more detailed trip notes are right here where you are now.

Now I gotta go find the key to unlock my trailer hitch so I can get rollin’!