Gettin’ Tight

Whiling away a few not-much-to-do-or-see kinda days during this holiday week when all the locals have the good campsites near good attractions hoarded for themselves. So I’ve been at Waterloo, west of Ann Arbor, and now am at Fort Custer, near Battle Creek. Headed to Ionia, a bit north of here, Tuesday for a few days before getting back to the shoreline areas Friday. So far these inland campgrounds have been nice enough; props to Michigan for its state parks—they’re very nice & are well maintained. There’s just not much to do around here.

Valence screw
No wonder the valences worked loose

So I dug out the screwdrivers, wrenches, drill & hardware and got to work tightening all the stuff Indiana and Michigan roads worked loose. I get it: winters are hard on roads but good grief people. It’s no wonder cabinet doors and valences and braces and shower door glides have come undone on your wretched roads; I’ve got a few fillings now rattling around in my mouth too!

Oh yeah, by the way, this insidious heat wave can bust outta here any time! I didn’t come here to enjoy the stupid 90s! 😜

3 Replies to “Gettin’ Tight”

  1. Supposed to cool by the 4th! Get to Grand Rapids and start the beer sampling!

  2. Well Mark should I tell you what I think of this latest travel log from you . So I guess I will you riding around in that Great lady and your complaining about some little bit of heat oh my goodness ! Oh well I still love you Just me, Lee

  3. I’m with Brett, I haven’t seen any new brewery posts in quite awhile. And Lee I agree with you too… Suck it up Johnson.

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