Geyser Basin, YNP

Wednesday was a great geyser day! These active creatures—they certainly have moods and personalities—are hard to wrap your head around. I’m not gonna try, other than to spew a few adjectives…

  Stunning   Incredible   Awesome   Moody   Powerful   Stark   Subtle   Scary   Reflective   Deep   Clear   Murky   Bright   Dull   Colorful   Prismatic   Mind-blowing   Strong   Smelly   Creative   Old   Enduring   Refreshing   Renewing   Variable   Predictable   Unpredictable   Inspiring   Threatening   Solid   Humbling   Wellyougettheidea

My novice pics in the slideshow and the videos hopefully convey some sense of how wonderfully God created this place. Thursday we’re off to the Lamar River Valley and Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone…

 Geyser Basin Videos

Flower Paint Pot Area Bubbling
Flower Paint Pot Area Steaming
Flower Paint Pot Area Erupting 
Biscuit Basin Seashell Comes Alive
Old Faithful #1
Old Faithful #2
Midway Geyser Area – 4,000 Gallons a Minute
Midway Geyser Area – Bacteria Mats
Firehole Lake Drive – The Spa Boils!