Initial Insights

It’s been a week since I set out. So what’ve I learned? I’ve got a few takeaways…

  • Lighten up the forward gear locker. Simply moving a couple heavy toolboxes to the truck bed settled B down quite a bit.
  • The sway bars aren’t that big a hassle—although the starboard one could be less obstinate.
  • Know the length of thy cables & hoses. It’s just a good life practice; it’ll also keep you from moving B after you start setting up.
  • Plug power in first ‘cause it takes a while for the fault detecter to run its tests.
  • Small positioning moves can make a big difference in lateral leveling (another good life practice).
  • When it’s cold, run the fireplace at night, all night. Bottom line: save ur propane and burn the park’s electricity instead.
  • Always always always put the bath soap bottle in the sink before driving away. Or spend several minutes trying to find which nook/cranny it found its way to.
  • Make sure the damn traction weight doesn’t get stuck between the slide and the stationary wall or be prepared to fix the sidewall moulding.
  • Take really wide swings around the tree at the tight corner near the park office at the KOA in Gulf Shores. (Fortunately, it was early and I saved my dignity with a quick reverse and reset. Nobuddy saw me).
  • When near the coasts leave your shoes by the door, or sleep with sand in your bed.
  • Never rely on memory for how much bourbon is left. Check and visit the local refill station before it’s too late.