Marshes & Mellowing

From Savannah I side-tripped to Hilton Head Island to see what all the fuss was about. Looks like a fine right place to chase the little obnoxious white ball but I was a little surprised how congested it was on a Friday morning. Ahhh… the RBC Heritage tournament was on their second round. And then at lunchtime after weaving my truck & B through a shopping center parking lot I found the World of Beer restaurant was closed. Screw it; I opted for a pack of almonds for lunch. On to Charleston…

The drive through the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge (well before arriving in Hilton Head) was nice. I’m blown back by all the marshes on the southeast coast. I’d heard about them but the scope & scale is impressive. The wildlife diversity sure points to an awesome Creator.

Leaving Hilton Head I left a half-inch of trailer tire rubber on the road somewhere near Okatie when a light changed and I was caught a lil’ off-guard. Smokin’ B handled it well—yet I adjusted the trailer brake controller gain down a notch. (“B” and I are still getting to know each other. I’ve lovingly nicknamed her B ’cause shes usually a babe—but occasionally a bit of a bitch)! Anyway … another easy 90 minutes and I was backing B into space L12 next to the water at Lake Aire RV Park. We were settling in for four laid back nights.

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  1. Well I have a bone to pick with you! That Little ball as you so call it obnoxious it might be to you but not to a H of a lot !! So we are on the move again great you tell such great stories .

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