Newfoundland — Long May Yer Big Jib Draw

I arrived in Newfoundland August 28 planning to spend six days here. Quickly learned that wouldn’t work, so now, eighteen days later I’m on the MV Atlantic for the 306 mile, 16 hour, overnight sail from Argentia to North Sydney. It’s been a phenomenal 2½ weeks! Here’s a few stray observations of Newfoundland.

  • Beautiful country. I hope God incorporates some of Newfoundland into heaven.
  • Wonderful people. I guarantee you will not find friendlier, happier, more outgoing people anywhere. Even a couple homeless guys I ran into were genuinely nice.
  • Interesting history and culture. From its contributions to radio technology to progress in the sealing trade to the fun screech-ins, Newfoundland has so much to offer.
  • I believe fish & chips are available in every restaurant except for the Tim Horton chain! The fish is always very good, the fries are usually very not good.
  • They claim to have lots of moose but I didn’t see any. Finally found frozen moose burgers and sausage in a grocery store.
  • I did see a small bear cross the road 30 yards in front of me. That was cool.
  • I guess the atmospheric conditions or time of year weren’t right but I missed out seeing the Northern Lights. Rats.
  • The Trans Canada Highway (TCH) is a solid road (for the most part). Secondary and tertiary roads… ya, not so much. Lots of potholes and shady shoulders.
  • I missed the puffin colony too. Kinda sad about that; they’re cute birds.
  • The craft beer industry is just getting started here, which is surprising since it’s strong in the other provinces. The Port Rexton and Dildo breweries are excellent exceptions!
  • Don’t emphasize “found” in the name. It’s pronounced newfunland, like you’d say “understand”.
  • Common responses are “no problem” and “perfect” (usually pronounced purrfect).
  • The music is great, fun, lively. I could’ve sat around those community campfires all night. Best of times!
  • Moose is very tasty.
  • Never mustered the courage for cod tongues. Mainly didn’t wanna shell out $30 for something I thought I wouldn’t like much.
  • The people are Newfoundlanders. For the most part, the term Newfies is used by only natives and seems to be dying out.
  • Getting screeched-in was interestingly a cool, important ceremony to me. It makes one feel more than a CFA (Come from Away).
  • Saint John’s is the oldest city and Water is the oldest street in North America.
  • NF is the first country (back then) and province (now) to respond to the Titanic’s distress signal, the first to have have wireless communication in the world, the first place to prove continental drift, and one of just a few places where God has revealed the earth’s mantle. It’s rugged and beautiful.
  • It’s said, you can always tell the Newfoundlanders in Heaven, they’re the ones who want to go home!

All-in-all, Newfoundland is my favorite province of Canada and of the many countries I’ve been blessed to visit. Don’t get me wrong, other places have been awesome. Newfoundland is just awesomer. Even as far away as it is from Texas, I think I’ll be back. Since Newfoundland held back a few things I was hoping to experience, I think the land wants me back too!

So it’s with a little sadness but much more gratitude I leave Newfoundland for now. It’s been great! There’s something about this land.

A Newfoundland Welcome
Our door is open, please come in
And sit and have a chat.
We’ll spin some yarns and have a laugh
And a cuffer ’bout dis ‘n’ dat.
I’ll break out the lassie buns
And we’ll have a cup of tea.
Make yourself feel at home
And ask a question, please feel free.
We’re so glad you paid a visit
To our Island and our home.
Now you are no longer strangers
And we’ll miss you when you’re gone.
Please tell your friends to visit
Whenever they come this way,
Our door is always open
And we’ll sure enjoy their stay.

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  1. Thanks for the update Mark… sounds like a place to put on the “Bucket List”. Enjoy reading about your travels and seeing the great photos of the places you found interesting. I also found them interesting. Keep enjoying your trip, am looking forward to hearing more details. Stay safe.

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