Pulled into a campground in the woods between Gulf Shores, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida about 4pm after an easy 204 miles drive from New Orleans and a 3-hour visit to the USS Alabama in Mobile. But first, lemme recap the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

What an awesome place! This is probably my favorite museum of all time. Dad would’ve loved it. It’s informative, creative, compelling. I learned a lot and gained even more respect  for the men & women who fought (and still fight)  for our nation’s values and freedom. I hope future generations continue to visit and soak up a core of what makes America great. I fear the leftist/snowflake/ineedmysafeplace generation we seem to be raising won’t care about museums like this some day. I fear it, but I pray I’m wrong. One  of the really cool things that bring the museum to life are the WWII veterans who share their stories, both on video and in real life. You can talk to them. Gain their insights. Appreciate them. I loved how Sgt. John  Emery, 16th Infantry Regiment, U.S. 1st Division, put it:

When you talk about combat leadership under fire on the beach at Normandy, I don’t see how the credit can go to anyone other than the company-grade officers and senior NCOs who led the way, It is good to be reminded that there are such men, that there always have been, and always will be. We sometimes forget, I think, that you can manufacture weapons, and you can purchase ammunition, but you can’t buy valor and you can’t pull heroes off an assembly line.

Amen, sir.

Today I turned off the highway at the east side of the Mobile tunnel and visited the USS Alabama battleship. Another very cool tour opp. Dang those things are big—and it’s a small boat by today’s standards! Walking through the decks and compartments you can just about feel the war going on around you. Definitely worth stopping in for a few hours if you’re in the neighborhood.

Now I’m hanging at the KOA until Monday, just chillaxing and watching the Masters tomorrow. Then headed to Savannah, probably in a one-day drive. My volunteer gig with Samaritan’s Purse  in Jacksonville, AL got cancelled since they finished up their work early. So maybe I get points for my heart being in the right place? LOL. It’s time to throw a steak on the grill…