On the Road Again…

… Just couldn’t wait to get on the road again! After getting evicted from my home-away-from-home at The Vineyards on Lake Grapevine for the second time due to lake flooding, I became a squatter at the Elks Lodge parking lot for three picturesque weeks. I suppose it’s a nice enuff parking lot, as parking lots go. And I spent a good chunk of that time installing an inverter that will allow me to get off the grid and still enjoy the necessities of life (Keurig & TV).

But I was antsy to get rolling again and so this morning, after a much appreciated prayer sendoff from my 121 Life Group I headed west, settling in at Caprock Canyons State Park. What a hidden treat in West Texas where the Texas State Bison Herd roam throughout the park and chirpy prairie dogs entertain with their chatter and goofy antics. Pretty fun to watch. Who knew this Utah-esque place was out here? A great find!

I’m gonna spend much of Wednesday hiking a few of the canyon land trails and probably smoking a rack of ribs in the late afternoon. Join me if you’d like in site 30! Thursday I’m headed to New Mexico where I plan to spend a couple weeks in the northern part of the state.

I was gonna post a high level map “plan” of what I think summer looks like this year but that’ll have to wait until Google Maps decides it’ll play nice (I suspect it’s the marginal cell signal out here). Look for that in the next post. There’ll be plenty of detours and side trips along the way, and I usually lean toward roads less traveled. Should be a great trip in the Mountains West. I appreciate your prayers for safe travels and opportunities to grow in and share my faith. Love y’all.

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  1. Caprock Canyon, not to far from where I grew up.
    Are you headed north to Wyoming?

    1. Yep! Will be at Colter Bay campground August 24-28. Any recommendations for rafting? Looking forward to seeing you!

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