… past houses, farms & fields …

I’ve become pretty comfortable with the lady (sometimes she’s a different pronoun) in my maps app to give me good directions. There was that time in South Carolina where I was about to lock the hubs because the roads were so small & remote I fired her (alternate pronoun), but we’ve made up since then. She (the nice pronoun) made me happy yesterday.

Indiana State Highway 5 is a joy! I was making my way from south of Fort Wayne to Van Buren State Park on the Lake Michigan shore. My lady (see how fickle she can be?) directed me from Huntington to Larwill on IN-5, a short 20-25 mile stretch of American Highway. It’s a easy winding country highway that dissects fields of green plants and interacts with a few towns along its path. I loved passing the small restaurants, hardware stores, independent gas stations, homes, parks, and I even liked navigating a few quirky turns as the road made its way through a few towns. I especially loved the display of Americana. Lots of flags. This is America.

Good morning, America, how are ya?

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  1. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard anything from you and then I found You! Anyway glad to hear that You & Lady are getting along & seeing so much of our country. “Happy 4th of July”, Lee

  2. I understand that GPS lady issue… I changed mine to a British voice and she becomes much more pleasant, although the same instructions come out. The pronouns then become quite violent, up to and including crazy comedian language.
    Have a wonderful Independence Day in the heart of America. Drive careful, love hearing about your adventures.

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