I don’t know if when they named the town, they were thinking “rowdy” or “noisy” but the mountain town of Ruidoso, New Mexico at 6700 feet elevation is neither. It’s a cool, small community with a horse track, a couple casinos, golf courses, a few taprooms, and a brewery–and it’s a relatively short eight-hour drive into a cooler, drier climate, a welcome respite from the early arrival of summer in Dallas/Forth Worth. And I got to spend four days there with two best friends and getting to know two more wonderful friends.


Aaron, Ryan & I left Grapevine Thursday morning and headed west through Abilene, Sweetwater and into the megaplex of Post, Texas, the half-way point where we stopped for fuel and a beer at the diviest bar I think I’ve ever set foot in. I suppose the name, Moose Knuckles, shudda been a hint at the atmosphere of the joint: dark, dank, dirty and reeking of cigarette smoke. We lasted one pitcher of Dos Equis, the craftiest beer they had. At least the employee work procedure notice posted on the refrigerator was entertaining!

Four-plus hours later we arrived in Ruidoso and after chatting with our hosts Jerry & Judy, we found our way to a local taproom for dinner. Friday morning Aaron & Ryan fed the Cree Meadows golf course a few golf balls. It’s a tight, fun course with frustrating so-called greens–the only sand traps were the greens. I hung with the guys to give the cart girls something to do. After an awesome Bánh Mi sandwich at The Hidden Tap we spent a relaxing afternoon on the deck playing dominos and listening to Jerry & Aaron play the guitar and mandolin. Followed by grilled filets and Jerry’s own Cabernet Franc. A perfect day with good friends. I’m over-blessed.


It was a slow-start Saturday and us three amigos headed to the race track to play the ponies. We started strong and finished flat, breaking even on our commingled bets. Although it took most of the ten races to figure out the scoreboards and payouts, we had an absolute blast! So much so that we returned Sunday afternoon with Jerry & Judy to give the horses another shot at making us rich. Ended up pretty much breaking even, except for the fun… we were way ahead in that category!

Saturday night we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Michael J’s to celebrate Jerry’s birthday. When in Ruidoso you gotta check this place out. Superb.

You had to be there!

Sunday morning the guys played another round of golf before we all went to the horse races. That evening we again hung out on the deck feeding deer, playing games and listening to music. There’s something about being in the mountains, watching (and feeding!) God’s wild creatures, enjoying the company of great friends and sipping good wine that nourishes the soul. Yep, over-blessed.

God gave us safe travels, great conversation, contagious laughter, beautiful views and fun times–all wrapped around loving friends and family. I’m definitely (yup) over-blessed. Thanks, guys, for a phenomenal trip!

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  1. I was really surprised to open up my email just a little bit ago and see that there was something from you . Hadn’t heard from you for quite a while so I didn’t know what you were up to . This trip sounds quite interesting and especially since you have had a real good time . Again just me Lee

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