Summing Up Summer 2018

In a word: WOW!

I’m sure I don’t have all the right words to express how phenomenal this summer adventure has been. If you’ve been following along since June 17 when I left DFW you’ve got a sense of how awesome this trip has been. But you really can’t know… As they say, ya gotta be there—and I truly wish you could’ve been.

The kickoff week with Julie & Brad, Rachael and Roman at Port of Kimberling on Table Rock Lake was great fun. Meandering around Michigan for a month was superb. Circumnavigating Lake Superior was, well,  pretty superior. Crossing much of southern Ontario and eastern Quebec was a beautiful drive and great hiking.  The Gaspe Peninsula coastal drive . . beautiful! Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island and Bay of Fundy were incredible. Newfoundland—well, there’s something about that land! Fall colors in New England, the somber memorial of Flight 93, and so much more. Great times, great memories!

What an awesome opportunity, honor and blessing to be able to experience  such a wide variety of sights, people, places. God has been very gracious to me, looking out for my safety and encountering me in so many places in  such sweet ways. I could feel the power of your prayers for my safety as I traveled along. Thank you. I’m truly blessed.

A few trip stats might be kinda interesting:

  • Racked up a total of 13,747 miles
  • The trailer hung with me for 11,374 miles
  • Drove a total of 380 hours
  • Traveled through 17 states and 6 Canadian provinces
  • Stayed in 59 different campsites over 119 days
  • Averaged 12 MPG in fuel consumption
  • Spent $3,693 on fuel (yikes!)
  • Spent $1,229 on ferries
  • Used less than 60 pounds of propane for cooking, cooling, heating
  • Bought two new tires

That’s it folks. A wonderful trip is a wrap. And it’s nice to be home! I’m now at the Vineyards Campground on Lake Grapevine (at least until the rising lake floods us all out!)

Love y’all. God’s best,