Outta Texas & into the Rockies

Note: This post is maybe kinda a few days late. Vagabumming respects no timelines.

While at Caprock Canyons in north Texas I went hiking, planning on a 7 mile loop. But about 2 miles into the trek I got turned back at a river crossing. The river narrowed between rock outcroppings and had a really silty shoulder, where I quickly sank to mid shins. Poking around with my trekking poles I found the river bottom a couple feet away had a fairly firm surface but a quicksandish layer underneath. I was already having to use my poles to free my legs from the muck so … seeing no way around the crossing and discretion being the better part of valor, I backtracked to the truck, washed the muck from my boots and settled into camp to smoke a rack of baby backs.

Five hours of slow cooking the salt & pepper marinated ribs delivered outstanding results. I was pretty pleased with the job my thin-skinned propane smoker did. And I know I harassed neighbors with the great smell of smoking meat! Pulled the ribs off the smoker just before yet another storm front rolled through. ‘Twas perfect timing and a good way to round out the day. Yet I was ready to move on; New Mexico was recalling…

Here’s my high level don’t hold me to it just as I see it today route plan for the summer. We’ll see how many detours I find along the way. There will likely be many. Vagabumming requires pretty inexact planning.