New York

For the short drive from Lake Bomoseen, VT to Schenectady, NY I took US 4, part of the Lakes to Locks Passage. The road pretty much follows the river and is a nice drive through several small towns. Then the traffic picks up nearing Albany and the B in the dash tried to take me under another low bridge, dammit! I gotta get something better to identify unsuitable roads but the research I’ve done hasn’t led to any really good GPS/Nav solutions. I’m still looking…

Arrowhead Marina & RV Park just outside Schenectady is a low-key campground along the Mohawk River which I chose for its location to town. My plan was to get the bedside of my truck fixed but turned out that the shop in Schenectady couldn’t handle aluminum repairs. They had the truck a day and a half before letting me know. So I returned their rental, picked up my pickup and decided to cut my stay in the area short by a couple days, especially since the campground was a mud pit from the daily rain.

But before leaving I made an awesome side trip through Adirondack Park, sans trailer. Fall colors ranged from just showing to full peak. It was beautiful! Traffic was light during the midweek; I’m sure its amping up this weekend. I spent the night in the cool village of Lake Placid, taking advantage of a looooong shower without worrying about running outta hot water or filling a gray water tank. Having TV for the first time in a month was nice too, as most of Canada and the recent US campgrounds were blackouts.

I shudda taken a pic of my breakfast skillet at a restaurant on Main St. It was ridiculously big and huge; I got about half-way through it. Continuing the 300ish mile loop that covered much of Adirondack Park, I enjoyed the colors and drive across mountains, by rivers and lakes, and through autumnal meadows. So glad I made the trip into the mountains. Would like to spend a few days in  Lake Placid as it turns to winter.

Next destination: Pennsylvania. The drive through south central New York, while on interstate highways for much of the route, was so nice. Lots of color, relatively light traffic—although the B tried to take me down another inappropriate road. Grrrr…..

I arrived at the KOA near State College about 4:30pm and forced my rig into a too-short site. I’ve decided I wanna design and build a campground. It’s unreal how poorly designed some are. For the one night it wasn’t a big deal; it just didn’t need to be so tight.

That’s it for New York! Trying to figure out my route from here, after visiting the Flight 93 Memorial tomorrow. But that’s for the next post. Home is a weekish away so it’s still over the horizon but I’m another state closer today!