Texas Woods

Day one is in the books. I got away from G’Vine about 11am and headed south. Good trip. Tons of beautiful wildflowers along Interstate 45—yellows, pinks, reds, whites, blues. Really pretty stuff.

The trailer (she still needs a name I suppose) followed along pretty well. But I did coax her with a loving “c’mon B” a couple times when road conditions on the smaller state highway caused some unexpected sway action. I’ve moved my heavy tool boxes from the front storage bin to my truck bed to unload trailer tongue weight; we’ll see if that straightens B out some.

Martin Dies is a cool state park. Lotsa trees, lotsa water, lotsa lotsa lotsa skeeters. Grilled up some Trader Joe’s marinated chicken & zucchini and paired that with a Franciscan Merlot. And with that, the day is a wrap! Headed to the Big Easy tomorrow.