Wretched Road

I decided to get off the Interstate and see some Louisiana countryside. So in LaFayette I turned south on US90 to drive through the penisula-ish land southwest of New Orleans. The highway from LaFayette to Franklin was wretched. I’ve driven better dirt roads in our national forests. The speed limit was generally 65-70 MPH but I had to keep it at about 50 to keep from bouncing off the truck’s roof. Louisiana outta be ashamed.

Fortunately the road smoothed out after Franklin and was actually a pretty drive through the swamp forests of south Louisiana. After an even six hours of driving I was safe & sound and backed into a good site at the KOA in West New Orleans enjoying a cold brew.

8 Replies to “Wretched Road”

  1. Great to be able to keep with your travels ! Please don’t forget to be back around Dallas for our annual ABM Christmas party ! Jason will have 2 Guest speakers this year! Stay safe!

  2. I’ve been on a number of bad roads in LA. But never found too many with speed limits over 70! Watch out around Monroe, they live to write tickets to Texans. Be safe, don’t forget to come home!

  3. Your comments regarding the roads confirms what I’ve heard about LA infrastructure… glad the nameless trailer didn’t become a detached trailer and that you didn’t dent the roof Take a couple pics of the museum if ur able; I think that’ll be a cool spot!

  4. This sounds so much like Rick’s adventures but he’s limited to breweries around Los Angeles County except when he goes to the Sierra’s. Safe travels.

  5. Off to a good start, and thankful you were well south of the storms Friday.
    Head East young man.

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